Cycling Clubs / Companies

You are looking for new ideas, you would rather like to get something creative and you need to showcase the partners which work with your club or you company.

According to your needs, our sales representatives and designers are at your disposal to design the apparels which will lead to your near future achievements


The range of materials which are provided to you are taken from our items of collection. You will therefore have the access to the whole range of our textiles, bottom components and latest technologies by Garuda Technology



Ensemble complet personnalisé

The products

Items available for customization:

  • short sleeves jerseys, long sleeve jerseys and sleeveless jerseys.
  • Windstopper vests, rainproof jackets, and thermal jackets
  • Sleeveless Gilet for semi-season and light
  • Cycling shorts,Knickers, and tights.
  • All gear accessories : winter or summer gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, head warmers, caps, socks,...
  • Quotation inquiry or request for further information !                         You are interested and you would like to know more or you want us to draw up an estimate, . then just fill up our online form..